Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ever Bilena Names Blushes After NARS Blushes

My memory has been a bit rusty lately. I forget to meet deadlines, I forget I have an appointment, sometimes I forget to wear sunscreen before makeup. Liar. I always forget that last part as evidenced by my blotchy skin and dozens of telltale signs of aging.  One of the things I have forgotten is that I owned some Ever Bilena Blush Me! blushers. If you don't know what that blusher line is well, its the one with a built-in blush where the powder comes out amidst the jungle of scratchy bristles and instead of getting a flush, you end up looking like you came from a cat fight. If you still don't recall, here is a "visual representation:"

Its been a long while since I noticed these blushes, until this morning when I saw the names Oasis, Madly, and remembered the one with the missing label, Lovejoy. All names of blushes from NARS.  Ever Bilena has other shades named Desire, Crazy (uhm Nars Crazed?), and Amour. Coincidentally, I have the Oasis blush so its hard to resist taking photos side by side. 

I haven't used the Ever Bilena ones in a while since their brushes are a major turn off. I do admit to having a crush on Lovejoy so sometimes I sneak a dip of my own blush brush into the casing and proceed to haphazardly stroke my cheeks like a mad woman.
From left: Ever Bilena Lovejoy, Madly, Oasis, and Nars Oasis

Since discovering these today, I now solemnly swear to use them more often and maybe, just maybe, even buy the remaining shades to fill to satisfy my (impractical) curiosity.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Introduction and About My Skin

This morning I had an intervention, to create a blog and write about makeup. Mind you, I was talking to myself like a maniac with multiple personalities. It will be about me, myself, and I, and my (mis)adventures with makeup and style or lack thereof. Beautiful women and men and gays and lesbians (and other sexes I may have failed to mention) welcome!

Moving on.

About My Skin

I have combination (I wish!) oily skin. Probably because its 90% summer and 10% flood where I come from. "The skin" (on my face & neck exclusively, don't want your thoughts running anywhere perv) is sensitive to almost all foundation brands that it has tried except for MAC NC35. How elitist can it be?! Whenever "it" tries other foundations, it automatically breaks out. It has tried Revlon, Maybelline, Bobbi Brown (can I say argh?!), SkinFood, ELF, Missha, Covergirl, etc. I have this disgusting nightmare where it tries MAC 30 and it just spurts acne all over. But that hasn't happened yet. The skin also has an abundant smattering of blackheads, milia, and other living creatures that the monthly trip to the dermatologist should take care of. Nevertheless, this is the skin I was born with and I love it that's why I shall spoil it with expensive and cheap (ha!) products as well as conceal its imperfections to protect it from judgmental onlookers. Just kidding. Really I'm kidding.

I now leave you with a dramatic (not to mention conceited for a first post, I have no excuse) photo of myself wearing Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream, Mac Nc35 powder foundation, Nars Orgasm blush, Ever Bilena Mauvey lipstick, Ever Bilena Pink Flame lipstick, 4u2 Glitz Lipgloss in 09, and loads of animal prints, and 4 layers of leggings. For the kids, that is a fake cigarette. Do not, I repeat, do not try this at home or in school or in the playground.